DOGE-1 mission – hidden payload

So there’s a lot more to DOGE-1 than meets the eye. The actual doge transaction that took place was pretty revolutionary, and took most of the press – the transaction itself was Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) paying in DOGE for a cubesat to ride aboard the Falcon-X on the DOGE-1 mission.

Most people don’t know what the cubesat is about though:

Digging into the details, and following these guys (GEC) they are building space advertising to go on their cubesat. People can pay in tokens to put their own images up in space, for as long as they want to pay for them there. Just think if next year’s christmas coca-cola ad is up in space? I’m more excited about getting some space and sending a Doge up there – it would be a massive message. Or get Beeple’s Elon/doge picture up on the side of the sat.

It looks like they’ve got the same idea as well – there’s a doge on the cubesat at the end of this video, and GEC have been retweeted by spacex:


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