Does Coinbase Pro factor out deposits when determining your portfolio value?

I currently use regular Coinbase to purchase and hold onto a variety of different cryptocurrencies. I like to see how my portfolio is faring every once in a while, but I also make regular deposits to my account. I’ve noticed that these deposits are included in the value of my portfolio in the graph over time.

This adds a lot of extra noise that makes it very difficult to determine whether the fluctuations in my portfolio value are primarily from withdrawals/deposits or changes in the values of coins. Investment platforms like Robinhood will re-adjust their graphs based on the money you deposit into or withdraw from your account. That allows you to see how your investment changes based solely on changes in asset value. From what I’ve read, it definitely seems like Coinbase Pro is set up more like an investment platform than regular Coinbase, but before I transfer my funds, I want to know whether the app shows a similar functionality to Robinhood in that it factors out withdrawals and deposits when showing you the graph for the change in your portfolio value over time. Is this the case?

What do you think?

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Any explanation for this? Thank you!

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