Does anyone have any info on thermal pads for Palit 3070 Ti Gamerock OC Cards

Hi guys

I wanted to know if anyone had any info about the different thickness and sizes for the thermal pads used in the Palit 3070 Ti Gamerock OC card

They didn’t include pads on the backplate, for those it looks like 3mm or 2.5mm pads should work

But I haven’t taken the cooler off as yet to check the internal pads as I’m still waiting for some thermal paste to get delivered

I haven’t come across any reviews or teardowns showing the thickness of the internal pads so I’d appreciate if anyone had some info on this

I’m from SA so it takes like a month or so for anything to get delivered from ebay/amazon so I need to be 100% sure of what’s needed so I can get it all in one go


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  1. I don´t know the thickness, but I can tell you, that for the face of the card, thinner is better, then having the core not making good contact. You only have to be slow and careful when screwing the cooler back on.

    The Backside shouldn´t really need it, I think it´s a lot of money spend for little results, but you can of course do that, I´d go rather to little then bending anything here too 🙂

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