Do you find Binance Windows App reliable?

I really wanted to like it, and for the most part I do. It’s smoother than the web version and the interface is good in most of the sections available.

However, I’ve had serious problems with futures trading on the desktop app.

For instance, I’ve experienced a bug where you enter in a position and it will NOT show it, neither on the chart, or the open positions area. Having open positions without a way to track how they’re doing and worse, not being able to close it manually if you didn’t set a TP/SL beforehand is absolutely wrong.

I discovered a way to “fix” the bug when it triggers, and that is to minimize the app and bringing it up again, or also switching to another pair in another tab. Both of these successfully make the position show up on the chart, as well on the open positions box sheet.

Have you binance users experienced something similar?

What do you think?

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