$DNUT Likely to Surge in Coming Month DD|Speculation|InsiderBuys

**Krispy Kreme, Inc. (NASDAQ: DNUT) went public in the beginning of the , July 1 2021 under the ticker “DNUT”. They listed 26,666,667 shares of Common Stock which is** ***pretty small float.***

**Some Information:**

Over 1.5 billions donuts sold in 2020 year.

This is actually their second public offering. They went private a few years back and are now public again under the new ticker (DNUT) which is such a meme ticker symbol already in itself.

**Key Points to jump in for a potential rally:**

* On July 6th, there was almost 100 million in insider buys from the chairman and other parties



* More people are inclined to short and buy puts on this stock. Yesterday the **sampled short volume was over 55%**. Increasing each day. Essentially even though the price is rising, shorts are doubtful and doubling down against the stock
* IPOs tend to surge first before correcting to a more fair value (SEE: DASH, ABNB, etc.)


Positions: 7/6 20C, 8/20 20C will update after market close

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  1. Eh, for a DNUT DD, this doesn’t really hit the spot. I am in on Krispy Kreme, bought calls on Thursday. I still have them, as I think there is still a play here. But it’s risky.

    You need some bearish points, like how they are riddled with debt, and are probably going to do another stock offering.

    Short-term, DNUT is a play whether it’s puts or calls. Long-term, this stock is very iffy.

  2. This is a good example of a stock that should be shorted into oblivion. This was a blatant cash grab for a failing company with a history of manipulating sales numbers and no obvious indicators of a turnaround or positive business outlook – the insiders coordinated their second IPO at the peak of the meme era cause they know there are speculators to offload their bags.

    This stock is radioactive, wouldn’t touch it even just to try to capitalize on a meme squeeze. Good luck to whoever is crazy enough to play this one.

  3. “IPOs tend to surge first before correcting to a more fair value”

    DNUT is overpriced and going to correct down a lot. People are right to short and buy puts.

  4. I wait awhile to invest in recent IPOs.

    The rich get to buy in at low prices and retail gets to naghold while the whales dump a play they knew was a dog turd all along.

    I’ve never regretted waiting on an IPO or SPAC.

  5. okay but have you ever actually tasted a krispy kreme donut? not very tasty tbh. i like dunkin donuts way more and even they aren’t that great… there’s a donut shop down the street from my house that is really delicious though, if they ipo’d id buy the fuck out of em.. but its like a family that owns it, still pretty chill though… dont worry not shilling for families or anything, wtf


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