DfinityPad Overview ∞ The First Decentralized IDO Platform For The Internet Computer

# Introduction

The crypto and Defi space is growing rapidly, with new projects and solutions coming up every other month. It’s becoming very hard every other day for crypto projects to successfully tread in the crypto space due to the high competition in crypto. As a solution to the problems facing startup crypto projects, crypto launchpads were introduced.

Launchpads are crypto projects designed to help these upcoming projects reach their full potential and mainstream adoption.

[Internet Computer Ecosystem](

Launchpads help new projects attract the community, thus making it easier for them to tread in crypto. The platforms are like advertising pools which also help garner crowdfunds. Projects listed in launchpads are vetted for the utter protection of the investors’ wealth. Although there are multiple crypto launchpad projects, very few provide excellent and trusted services. DfinityPad is here to usher in new projects into the internet computer protocol.

# About DfinityPad

Launch your Decentralized Projects & Dapps on DfinityPad and raise capital for your next blockchain powered business without worrying on which chain you should start.

DfinityPad solves the age-long query of chain choices for start-ups. Only a thoroughbred launchpad like Dfinity cares about the fine details in bringing an idea to life. By opting for DfinityPad, start-up projects can focus on what counts, ensuring the viability of their project on ICP. DfinityPad spares new projects the hassles of a homebrew sales contract and all the time spent coding things that become useless after a few hours. Projects looking to raise funds and share ICP based tokens can rely on the DfinityPad to handle all the processes.

# What To Expect From DfinityPad?

| Exclusive Presales| Automatic Liquidity Locking After IDO| Yield Generation| Exclusive & Audited Projects|
| DfintyPad will empower Internet Computer Protocol  projects & Dapps with the ability to distribute tokens and raise liquidity. | The DfinityPad smart contracts automatically send sale proceeds to Dex and lock the LP tokens in our smart contracts. | Investors can participate in pools hosted on the DfinityPad platform, thus generating passive yield from their ICP & DPD | Projects that are launched through DfinityPad are carefully selected, guaranteed to be safe and with a solid business plan. |

# Decentralize the way your ideas raise capital

DfinityPad is a decentralized accelerator and swapping platform, connecting early stage Internet Computer Protocol’s innovators and projects with our community of donors.

$DPD token holders who qualify for our tiered system are guaranteed varied allocation to early sales of projects launching through our platform.

Each project that launches through our platform will contribute to our insurance treasury, providing donors in our community a sense of financial protection against potential project failure.

Upon DfinityPad auto-lock liquidity will be Mandatory feature for developers.

# DfinityPad features


| Fair Distribution | Guaranteed Allocations | Fully Decentralized |
| IDO projects on DfinityPad have allocations that are 100% fair and given out based on the quantity of $DPD a user stakes – it’s that simple. | Gone are the games of who can click a button first or which bot can snipe the pool the quickest. Allocations will be given to anyone & everyone based on our two tiered auction system. | DfinityPad will be governed by a DAO to determine the future of DfinityPad and the pricing of tiers for pools. We have big aspirations for the future and the community is invited to help us democratize fundraising. |

# DfinityPad tokenomics

In all, 70 million DPD tokens have been created and will be distributed as follows:


|Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)|63.56%|44,492,000|-|
| Reserve| 6.43%| 4,501,000| 1 Year Lockup|
| Marketing| 15%| 10,500,000| 3 Month Lockup|
| Research & Development| 4.91%| 3,437,000| 1 Month|
| Team| 10%| 7,000,000| 1 Year Lockup|
| Rewards| 0.1%| 70,000|-|

**Circulating** 44% (31,240,000)

**Hardcap** 300 ETH

**Initial Mcap** $593,560

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# Twitter: [](

# Telegram: [](

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