Depositing funds from another exchange

As Santander is spreading FUD about Binance I am currently unable to deposit to Binance using my bank accounts. I am hoping to deposit money into my Binance account by buying a crypto on []( and transferring it to my Binance Wallet, however there is a lot of mismatched information online, most of which is contradictory or non-sensical.

The []( website states that to withdraw, for example, USDT, there is an $8 withdrawal fee. However, to withdraw VET, for example, there is a 0.05 VET charge, which is a $0.00374 fee (as of writing). Is this correct?

If so, why are there such huge differences in the coin withdrawal fees on []( And therefore, is this a good method to add funds by way of sending a crypto into my Binance account? Or is there an easier, cheaper way to transfer funds other than by the currently suspended Bank Transfer or Pay for Crypto options?

What do you think?

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