DegenDoges Fair Launch MINS ago | The sickest fairlaunch of all time, 0 advantage to anyone | Based Dev and mods | Earn BUSD while you hold every 30min

Name: DogeDegens

Symbol: DogeDegens

🌐Telegram: [](


🐦Twitter: https:// twitter[.]com/DogeDegens

📜 CA: 0x6f2aaf4f7a00d8181726a7a423398f0a6c1bf58b

**Let’s all admit one thing now, everyone that invests in the Doge family is a Degen. Let’s show the world for once how Degens can drive the market up for real. Join us for the launch on the 14th Jul.**


DogeDegens is the next Meme Token in the line of many. To stand out we will utilize the Hype around the Doge name in combination with the much-loved auto-reflection and buyback tokenomics.

As for the reflection, you get real-time BUSD straight to your account. A minimum required holding is needed and will be revealed in the chat. Reason being, Gas fee is going to kill any reflection in BUSD. This BUSD will be reflected every 30min-1hr.


**What makes a token good?**

I don’t care if you are Doge or VET or any other coins. You need to know and understand the fact that is always 30% Dev and Contract and the other **70% COMES FROM THE COMMUNITY WORKING TOGETHER.**

We are a bunch of degens that have been in the crypto space for a while, Join the tg group and I swear you will see all the familiar faces there. Amongst the degens, inevitably there are a couple of smart nerds with us, so here we are.

What makes us stand apart from other Degens? We are the Diamond Holders for tons of big projects (I can’t name them but join us and you will know), and we have never settle for 5x 10x or such shit it is always all or nothing for us. And amongst these degens, we have a couple of them that run a huge following in TG/Twitter. All of us in these know how to shill and raid around the clock.

🔒 100% LP locked forever. DxSale Link is below

💧 5% Automatic liquidity / Buyback mechanism

📜 Whitelist competition will be coming your way. Small small amt only.

🐋 Anti-Whale mechanism to limit buys

🥡Anti-Dump mechanism, max 0.5% can be sold at 1 time

💩 Poocoin Banner, Tiktok, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube Marketing

🏪 BTOK Ads – Our guys can speak Chinese and will KYC themselves for this

︻デ═一 CoinSniper, Coinhunt, Coinvote listing

CoinGecko🦎: **APPLIED**

CMC: Minimally requires 2.6k HODLERS, may take up to 1-2 weeks depending on the volume



5% Added to Liquidity | 2% Buyback | 3% Reflection | 3% Marketing

· Liquidity Fees are used to boost the Liquidity of the token until 25% Liquidity has been reached. After this, the Fees will be added to the Buyback wallet until the Liquidity is out of balance again.

· With the Buyback Fee the contract will accumulate BNB to use for a Buyback Event. In this event, the contract will buy Tokens and Burn them afterwards. Sell Fees will be doubled for the duration of 30 minutes to prevent people from dumping.

· 5% of each transaction is converted into BUSD and sent automatically to the wallets of holders. No more hassle with claim functions!

And you think this is the end of it? During the 1st hour, any sell will result in 30% tax per trade. If you don’t understand the reason why.. go back to school.


We will reveal it in TG. Rest assured, we already have influencers ready to deploy. You are just early AF.


https:// poocoin .app/tokens/ 0x6f2aaf4f7a00d8181726a7a423398f0a6c1bf58b

🥞**Pancakeswap**: *Slippage 10-15%*

https://exchange 0x6f2aaf4f7a00d8181726a7a423398f0a6c1bf58b


https:// dxsale. app/app/v2_9/dxlockview?id=0&add=0x7b0F0e6Fa3882D5929B59119aC7b0335Bc056C42&type=lplock&chain=BSC

Join us now @

**Tl;DR: Degens unite, Diamond HODLers = more BUSD will be sent directly to your wallet every 30min – 1hr. Minimum holding is required for it to happen, we will share more in the group. READ tokenomics at least.**

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