DeFi exchanges and trading applications are helping spread the investment mindset, and teaching financial education!

Decentralized financial exchanges and trading platforms are among the most accessible trading applications, and they are relatively simpler to use, comparing to the old classic trading platforms. Which is why many people are attracted and interested in this kind of trading.

Platforms like Binance, Bitget, DIFX, etc… are giving the people the chance to trade with simple steps, especially that there is no need to have a bank account. Which means millions of unbanked individuals are now getting the chance to become traders, and here is how people are becoming more investment oriented, and they are getting the chance to become financially educated.

This is why I believe that DeFi trading platforms will gain more and more value and interest within the days.

What do you think?

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Glad to see actual GOOD wallets starting to appear on the market.

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