Debating if I should start investing in mining

Got lucky and checked out 80x MSI 1660 ti’s this morning. Usually I’d resell em on ebay but I’m thinking of jumping into the mining game.

In total, the gpu’s cost a little over $23k after everything.

Considering cost of motherboards and PSUs coming to about $170 or so per 8 GPUs, it would probably take 7 months to break even or 12+ months if we go into another bear market cycle.

It still seems like a worthwhile investment considering there will likely be crypto to mine for the foreseeable future.

Does my very novice take sound right? I’m basically debating $8k profit in the short term or something that could possibly generate a lot more in the long term.

What do you think?

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  1. *considering there will likely be crypto to mine for the foreseeable future.*

    Uh no, The end of Eth mining happens in about 6 months. Other coins will be swamped with hash power and not at all profitable.

    If you can resell the GPU’s that is BY FAR the move.

  2. Or you can sell them till you break even and mine with the rest. Free mining cards!

    Or you can do somewhere in between.

    But yea, the 1660’s prices are gonna start to fall off fast and eth mining is done in 6 months. There will always be stuff to mine, it’s just a matter if it’s profitable or not.

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