Debate Summarized

SafemoonMark: Hi Im Safemoon Mark

Notsafemoon: Im Ryan Im a nerd. Why does bad things happen and price goes bad when nothing good happens. I think thats bad.

SafemoonMark: \int {\sec (ax)} dx = \frac{1}{a}\ln \left| {\tan \left( {\frac{{ax}}{2} + \frac{\pi }{4}} \right)} \right| + c

Notsafemoon: Hmm, so the price goes down!

SafemoonMark: No thats not what im saying, This \int {\sin (ax)} dx = – \frac{1}{a}\cos (ax) + c.

Notsafemoon: Hmm, Bad things happens. When price goes down.

SafemoonMark: No your thinking to simply and not thinking about all functions, they \int {x^n } dx = \frac{{x^{n + 1} }}{{n + 1}},(n \ne – 1)

Notsafemoon: Hmm, My headphones are dieing. I forgot what we were saying. Look im on your page now entering numbers.

SafemoonMark: Yes try it out

Notsafemoon: What about price predictions?

(The moment he probably bought some Safemoon again)


Just a bunch of giggling from both after and chatter.



Satoshi Bless

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  1. It was a frustrating watch. I want to see conflicting viewpoints and honest conversations, not antagonistic viewpoints and debates. There was a lot of good conversation about the stability in the liquidity, but the great point that was missing from mark driving home the point is the appeal of broad-market resistance in a coin that has rug-resistant “lop-sided” liquidity. He mentioned that it can handle sell-offs well, but I would have liked to hear the conversation about how this will psychologically impact the market to paperhand into safemoon during market declines after a solid market-resistance trend is established.

    Perhaps beyond the scope of the debate. That one got away from me. When bitcoin crashes in 4 years by 50%, safemoon may be stabilized enough to crash only 20% in the same market. People who believe in crypto may move their holdings over as a protection against bear markets, once they see safemoon resists them

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