DD..PETS what do you think? High Short Stock

Low float- only 20 M+ shares

good dividend – 3.4%

Revenue up the last few qtrs. e-Commerce business

% Held by Institutions **83.85%**

Short % of Float (Jun 15, 2021) **27.35%** – on the []( – TOP10

Any reason why its going down..or it being accumulated by Hf’s?

There was a sudden spike in volume in Feb and end of May 2021 and then followed by down trend


per Yahoo


[Top holders](


I own a small position (currently at loss)

Sorry, had to repost removal because of low Karma hahah

What do you think?

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  1. I was gonna discredit this post because the DD is wtf….but on paper, this is a pretty decent company…albeit, low market cap.

    – no debt?!
    – profitable with decent FCF of 30mil for a small cap company
    – growth slumped QoQ in 2020 but was still overall growing YoY. Q1-21 saw earnings and revenue grow.
    – P/E of 20 is quite high though

    It’s currently lower than its 50 day and 200d average and it could be a good time to enter. I might get in this stock when it goes down to ~$30.

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