DD on BLDR! Expecting a big upward run in the coming future due to more construction and safer residential building requirement amid Miami Building Collapse!

I am not a WSB Rocket Scientist and I don’t catch rockets like ya’all do here with your GME AMC CLOVS AND WISH stonks. I am a full-time Structural Engineer and I am have heavily invested in BLDR (Builders First Source), one of the leading construction material suppliers in the US.

The company has an average price target to be $60 in 12 months among most of the analysts. Recently they bought out the software solutions system WTS Paradigm to increase their online capabilities and expected to make $50M revenue just from the WTS paradigm per year. BLDR has been profiting from the price hike on construction materials since the beginning of the pandemic as high demand and low supply caused massive price hikes. Also, the recent collapse of the Miami Residential Apartment building caused a shockwave in the housing and among the builders, engineers in the whole nation. Adding with the US withdrawal of troops from foreign lands and focusing on infrastructure building for the national future, I am highly convinced that BLDR will only grow in the coming days.


All major analysts have a BUY rating on this stock right now as the price dropped from ATH of 52.00 due to over-sell-off and profit-taking after a long bull run. But I believe it will get back to its ATH Position and once it hit that, it will be going toward the $65-$70 Range. A potential 40-50% upside is expected. Their third-quarter earning is coming in August and I have no doubt in mind it will be higher than expected EPS. This coming earning call increases the price of the stock as well.



I appreciate your positive/negative thoughts on this company.

Position: 200 stocks@43.50.

What do you think?

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  1. Good call OP, but if the housing market crashes, as some are predicting (starting with the evictions), than this company might sink. Like the fundamentals and the bullish price target!

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