DAWGS On Discount. Rug??? Hell to the No

Not a rug and far from it but we all know impatient holders sell and that’s what we see right now.

DAWGS is creating a multi chain multi asset digital wallet that will allow for payments and transferred with one click. No more switching between networks!

There will be a card…powered by …??….coming as well.

All I can really say is the current price is a gift from the crypto gods and paper hands.


# Tokennomics

**Erc-20 token / Uniswap**

**Contract ID:** 0x9f8eef61b1ad834b44c089dbf33eb854746a6bf9

**Total supply:** 1,000,000,000,000

**Breakdown of the 2.5% tax:**

* 0.25% DAO (governance)
* 0.25% Charity
* 0.25% Dev
* 0.75% Burn (limited to 20% of total supply)
* 1.0% Redistributed to Dawgs holders


# Why Is This a Good Buy?

**This dip was never supposed to happen but a few wallets snipe the contract and have dumped loads at a time. Anywhere from 7 to 15 or so eth at a time consecutively.**

The digital wallet is still done. Nothing has changed. Price will bounce back.


# Check out the telegram and website for more.

**Telegram Community:** [](

**Website:** [](

**Dextools:** [](

**Contract ID:** 0x9f8eef61b1ad834b44c089dbf33eb854746a6bf9

What do you think?

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  1. The voice AMA says it all, this thing is gonna change the crypto world with its wallet and credit card tech. Seems marketing just didn’t kick in fast enough the first two days so the dawgs dipped and it’s time to buy cuz it’s about to ramp up

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