$DAWGS – It Reminds me of $TEL (telcoin) The Moon Shot We’ve All Been Waiting For

I don’t know about you but I got a bunch of d0g coins and can’t spend them.

DAWGS is going to fix that with a digital wallet for meme coins and alt coins so you can spend them with one click. It doesnt matter if its bsc, erc, or any other network. No more switching.

One click and send.

Dev reveal in august. White paper in august.

Digital wallet in September.

And custom credit cards coming like a Visa card. Holy fk.

If you want to get in on something innovative with real legs and real money backing this project, to the point that it probably will succeed based on this alone (not to mention the technology) then now is the time to get in.

Go learn more by visiting the website or telegram. I like to think of this one like Telcoin before Telcoin pumped.

**Useful Links**

* **Telegram Community:** [](
* **Website:** [](
* **Dextools:** [](
* **Contract ID:** 0x9f8eef61b1ad834b44c089dbf33eb854746a6bf9

What do you think?

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  1. Love it! I’m glad I got in early with this one 😀

    Coingecko listing super soon after launch and all of the devs are coming through with all of their commitments. Excited for what’s to come 🙂

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