Daves Crypto Trading Journey Part Six – Technical Difficulties

All trades are currently being done in ETH

I love the crypto world but I do find that there is a lack of fun, shill-free, content that people might be into so three weeks ago I started this project. We will be taking $1000 and seeing what can be done with it actively trading instead of HODLing.

[Part One – Leverage is Awesome](

[Part Two – Leverage Sucks](

[Part Three – Back to the Spot](

[Part Four – Slow and Steady](

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[Current Balance = .56 Eth or $1200](

Weekly reddit crypto log day trading crypto starting with $1000

All trades will be tweeted as they happen to avoid any lying/fudging. DaveCoin4 will be the handle for this. If you’re interested just follow DaveCoin4 and you can see the decisions as they happen.

I’m completely open to suggestions, this is brand new so feel free to throw stuff out or ask if you have something you’d like to see.

**Current Results** – 51.3% Net Gain Thus Far (6 Weeks)

BTC and ETH trading at: $34195 and $2135

HODLvalue = $789.95 (Started with .37 Eth)


My Value = $1200

If prices were exactly the same as when I started, that is to say $1000 = $1000. My results would currently be $1000 = $1512

**Total Trades Made This Week – 4**

#Mission Statement

The purpose is to see what I can do with $1000 day trading in crypto. I will be live tweeting each decision as I make it and do a weekly diary update here on reddit.

USD value is not my concern, because I know people only care about USD value I will post it, but my goal is to accumulate total coin. That is to say I want to see if I can make .01 BTC = 1 BTC, not $1000=$30000. It’s important to say this because I do not care if the market crashes or pumps, I’m here for the long haul, so my goal is to increase my total held.

Leverage trading has officially been retired. From this point on I will be sticking to spot trading.

#About Me

I am mid 30s, own a house, married, work from home, semi retired, cars paid off, dog had his shots, no kids, wife has 401k/IRA, and cash emergency funds.

The point, Ill be fine if this fails miserably. Don’t stake your decisions on mine. This is for entertainment, it is not financial advice.

I have three other accounts, two hard wallets, that I put my DCA/set it and forget it type crypto into. This is it’s own project.

With all that said

#Part Six

Total Trades this Week – 4

**Tuesday July 20th**

The last 48 hours have been wild. Stock market tanked then rebounded. Crypto dipped hard. I bought ETH already. I have to sit and watch as it continues to tick downward as I refuse to abandon the fundamentals and I have no interest in trying to catch a falling knife here. So as of today, I’ve been relegated to HODLing until things seem to have rebounded.

Ive been buying what I can in my non trading account but I believe we’ve bottomed for now. Shorts see seem to be closing.

I make [this post basically calling the bottom of the dip down to the minute]( buy obviously I’m downvoted and told it’s impossible to know, and that I’m stupid blah blah.

**Wednesday July 21**

So things kind of exploded as predicted but around BTC 32250/1975 I saw what I thought was some resistance forming. I sold at 1971. In the next five minutes basically I watched it shoot up to 2007 which was definitely some sweaty palms.

Fortunately I go the park with the puppy and by the time I get there it’s dropped down.

I messed up here. Which ends up costing me alot by week end due to technical issues. My price point was 1925, it dropped to 1935 and shot up. So I missed.

**Thursday July 22**

Kind of mad about today. Kraken has been down for over 4 hours now and my original sale price is still sitting there as I watch ETH tick up to 2060+

Nothing I can do but watch lost money.

**Friday July 23**

Kraken is down again, it’s been about 3 hours.

It comes back up but because of all the outages all the order books are wonky, the charts are fucked and it’s really hard to gauge any sort of “feel” for things.

Unfortunately I’m stuck holding my bag until this weekend I fear.

**Saturday/Sunday July 24/25**

So unfortunately because of Kraken I only got back to being able to trade again when Eth Was 2100+

Forced to hold FIAT for now.

It’s extremely unlikely (not impossible) that prices will continue to surge. Right now I’m waiting for a better price to buy back in.

Not the best place to wrap up the week, really salty about the outages but it is what it is.

That’s all for this week.

You can follow along live if you want on Twitter, DaveCoin4

Im open to any questions comments concerns complaining whatever.


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