Daves Crypto Trading Journey, Part Four

All my trading is done in Ethereum, which is why I post this here.

I love the crypto world but I do find that there is a lack of fun, shill-free, content that people might be into so three weeks ago I started this project. We will be taking $1000 and seeing what can be done with it actively trading instead of HODLing.

[Part One – Leverage is Awesome](

[Part Two – Leverage Sucks](

[Part Three – Back to the Spot](


[Current Balance = .559 Eth or $1198](

Weekly reddit crypto log day trading crypto starting with $1000

All trades will be tweeted as they happen to avoid any lying/fudging. DaveCoin4 will be the handle for this. If you’re interested just follow DaveCoin4 and you can see the decisions as they happen.

I’m completely open to suggestions, this is brand new so feel free to throw stuff out or ask if you have something you’d like to see.

**Current Results** – 51% Net Gain Thus Far (4 Weeks)

BTC and ETH trading at: $33961 and $2143

HODLvalue = $792.91 (Started with .37 Eth)


My Value = $1198.70

If prices were exactly the same as when I started, that is to say $1000 = $1000. My results would currently be $1000 = $1509

**Total Trades Made This Week – 5**

#Mission Statement

The purpose is to see what I can do with $1000 day trading in crypto. I will be live tweeting each decision as I make it and do a weekly diary update here on reddit.

USD value is not my concern, because I know people only care about USD value I will post it, but my goal is to accumulate total coin. That is to say I want to see if I can make .01 BTC = 1 BTC, not $1000=$30000. It’s important to say this because I do not care if the market crashes or pumps, I’m here for the long haul, so my goal is to increase my total held.

Leverage trading has officially been retired. From this point on I will be sticking to spot trading.

#About Me

I am mid 30s, own a house, married, work from home, semi retired, cars paid off, dog had his shots, no kids, wife has 401k/IRA, and cash emergency funds.

The point, Ill be fine if this fails miserably. Don’t stake your decisions on mine. This is for entertainment, it is not financial advice.

I have three other accounts, two hard wallets, that I put my DCA/set it and forget it type crypto into. This is it’s own project.

With all that said

#Part Four

This was one of the slower weeks I can remember, I took off for the July 4th Holiday and I can’t do much trading after being disconnected from the pulse of things. It takes me a good 24-36 hours of feeling like I have a sense of whats going on before I feel comfortable doing anything so this week I only made something like 5 trades. That being said, actually did pretty well on those few trades.

Ethereum had a moment that it rocketed up and it is my philosophy to always take advantage of one week highs and sold it at 2330, with how disjointed I was feeling this week I took the profits on the way down, then I noticed on Friday that everything was being set up for a bigger dip which made me sell it again at 2170 and pick it back up at 2090.

Right now things are sitting in a holding pattern and who knows which direction it’s going to break so Im just sitting on my Ethereum waiting for Monday to see how things break and get back to active trading.

That’s all for this week.

You can follow along live if you want on Twitter, DaveCoin4

Im open to any questions comments concerns complaining whatever.


What do you think?

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