Dan Dabek and the Safe journey throughout the history – destiny MOON!?

Couple of days ago I stumbled upon a one certain crypto scene veteran named Dan Dabek which might ring bells for someone if you’ve been in the crypto for a while. Man got my interest when my dear fellow finnish safemooners wondered if Dan’s voice sounded familiar. I watched some clips of him and thought, yeah, might be…

So, who is Dan Dabek? (Take a look if your interested more, there are ie. some interesting articles and videolinks []( According to Golden crypto wiki he is an American software developer and online privacy activist. He is the founder of Safex, a [blockchai]( based [marketplace platform]( with a focus on privacy and borderless trading. Safex? What is that, another safemoon clone!? you clown, came here shilling another shitcoin?! No, calm down. Safex is a marketplace for p2p trading, could be actual goods or nfts even. They have already made actual purchases there, go check Safex on youtube if you’re interested more. Marketplace’s technical details revolve around privacy and safety, both being the main objects for Dabek. Safex is a life ambition, passionately developed over the years by non other than Dan Dabek and a open source software dev team which he founded himself in 2018. Safex first started in 2015 on the Bitcoin blockchain. Noticed already – ***Safe*** huh? a nice coincidence 🙂

Along with the Safex exchange launched a token, back then named “Safex exchange coin” or “SEC”. Later on couple of years later the project evolved and started their own Safex Blockchain. Safex Exchange Coin was overrun by the follower, Safex Token. **One of the Safex Token’s features is an automatic reflection mechanic tied to the 5% fee occuring on the exchange meaning automatic distribution among the existing holders.** Sounds familiar HUH!? That’s pretty OG tokenomics to me heh.

*BTW: to my knowledge Safex is forked off Monero, which I found pretty intriguing. It fits the privacy and safety is everything mentality as well. I’m gonna dwell into the details more, haven’t had the time to do enough of it yet.*

On the 5th of July, 2 days ago, one of the Safex core team members posted this on the twitter:

Caption: ” Talking about [@safex]( [@safemoon]( and [#tokenization]( 📷📷📷

The guy on the right in the picture is **Tsolmondorj Natsagdorj** a.k.a “mongolraider” who states himself as the head quant of safemoon team in his twitter bio. He has also been seen on multiple pics with papa, with none other than Dabek as well. Dan, him, and several other people tied to the the safex project on twitter have been supporting the safemoon for a while now, when looking at their likes and retweets. Dan has basically only been supporting safemoon along with safex since the start, basically.


Also a couple of days ago we saw that John and Jack have registered a new company called Ronin Crypto Group in the UK. guess what company is behind safex? Correct! Ronin e-commerce! [](

Straight from the Ronin’s twitter bio: Privacy and eCommerce Powered by [@safeX](

| Shop with [$SFX]( | Rev Share with [$SFT]( |

Really, a coincidence? I think not. Why on the earth would John and Jack name their new company just like the company behind their well known crypto fellow Dan Dabek’s project?

Yesterday on the 6th of july Safex posted a update on their project on twitter. There Dabek mentions having partnerships with other crypto projects and more. Could also be Safemoon in question, who knows.


Now, hear me out: Safex ecosystem also has their own crypto exchange – xcalibra. it only currently has safex’s own two tokens/coins listed – safex cash (cash is used while making payments on the marketplace and is provided as a reward while mining) and safex token. And obviously btc and eth too. Now, Dan Dabek casually commented that Safemoon will be listed on Safex’s own crypto exchange “very soon” while being asked randomly on the twitter. Safemoon wallet will likely list the safex coins as well if that is to happen.

sources: [](


One of my fellow finnish safemooners went digging into Ronin’s discord channel and found some interesting details – multiple members tagged on the discord as “Safex”, likely the team members were actually also on the Safemoon discord channel. However when trying to search their posting history none was found due to them being hidden, perhaps? Credit to Kuppiveikko for this 🙂

I won’t go into deeper Safex project details in this post, but go check their website [](

Also, go look up “safex” and “dan dabek” on youtube if you want to do some more research on the subject.

Also, go check Ronin e-commerce’s twitter in the upper link and the discord server in the bio, there were some interesting recent interviews with Dan and some other fellas. They also have some history of the project archived in there.

The following below is my pure speculation and not financial advice…

I’ve come to a conclusion:

One way or another Safemoon will integrate into the safex ecosystem, blockchain, and the whole platform. We have the infrastructure, we have the exchange, we have the vision. Kryptonomics, tokenomics, everything. go brr and brand it the MoonEx or such. my wild takes 😀 the more I dwell into researching about the project the more things start clicking in my head. Yeah I’m wearing a tinfoil hat but so what.. Safex project has been silently in the development for years, and is finally starting to become reality. the whole Safemoon hussle has not really hurted their progress, just because they have been away from the spotlight. Aand guess who stepped down from the frontline taking a smaller profile few months ago to focus on other things? safemoondev himself. Could be Dabek focusing on the safex project.

Regarding the tokens I don’t really see Safemoon and Safex Token coexisting together due to having similar mechanics, so, my call is:

Safemoon = Safex token v2 the ultimate reborn

It’s very likely that the man, the myth, the legend himself, Safemoondev, is Dan Dabek (Could also be multiple persons such as (edit. I admit Rostik might not be very likely) Rostik Rustev or other significant persons in the scene, just my guess. Dabek has atleast likely been the voice behind Safemoondev on the ama’s and such).


TLDR: Safex has been in development for years (2015, originating from the bitcoin blockchain->), the ecosystem consists of Safex p2p/nft marketplace, own blockchain and the xcalibra crypto exchange. the founder is closely friended with Papa and has been supporting safemoon closely (see twitter posts). The themes and mechanics around the safex fit quite well with safemoon, which I call to be the replacer for the Safex token (which has a similar reflection mechanic). A meeting between safex and safemoon was confirmed on twitter by the safex core member along with safemoon listing on the safex xcalibra exchange. However things will unveil in the end, those two projects are closely involved with each other. Think about it, the infrastructure is there so the roadmap will blow past the deadlines easily!

Tighten your tinfoil hats, gentlemen. We could be heading towards the moon or my theory is gonna crash into the earth. 50% it’s the moon or 50% it’s the earth. Basic math yeh

PS: If you see any factual errors, please correct me and I’ll try to fix them as quickly as I can.

What do you think?

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  1. Actually a really good read. Argument well written.

    Has anyone given thought to the fact that with our dev teams history. Maybe a lot if this isn’t about building SFM do much as it’s about absorbing, integrating and utilizing a bunch existing projects through there long time connections. Maybe we’re absorbing Safex exchange and chain to act as the foundation.

    Anyone else find it odd that they were able to put that wallet together with the nice features etc. 3/4 months seems pretty fast to put together the best wallet I’ve come across (assuming it all works of course).

  2. Greatpost, ive been looking at SafeX and Dan for a while, with more or less the same conclusions as you make.. Moonpay is another. Are these people the absolute genius’ that Papa spoke about?

    Dan was friends with John Mcafee, Papa said something about a friend passing and tweeted some JMcafee stuff. When samurai students lose their master they go solo, Ronin.

  3. Interesting theory, but I don’t think rostik rusev is anything more than a crypto pr agent. Highly doubt he’s a higher up in the sfm world.

    Edit: reasoning – Rostik Rusev publicly shills shitcoins nonstop from his Twitter. None of the other safemoon core team members even mention shitcoins, let alone shill them.

    That, and
    Second and third paragraph of that link.

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