Daily Popular Tickers Thread for July 15, 2021 – AMC | GME | AAPL

Your daily hype thread. Please keep the shitposting to a maximum.

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What do you think?

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  1. I hope that dip was the end of the paper hands… Let’s ride this momentum into afters and tomorrow 😀🦍

    AMC… To… Tha… MF 🌝


  2. big green apple dong right after i bought calls. well that never happens…

    why’ve I been bothering with all the other garbage on wsb? should have just been swinging aapl the whole time…

  3. Averaged down to $180.64 on my GME shares by selling a put.

    Sold a $38 Put on AMC for $2.04. Need $3800 collateral to buy shares.


    These are pretty bullish positions but the options on the puts side are WAY inflated.

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