Daily General Discussion – July 26, 2021

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  1. Could a smart contract be written for NFT’s in the same way a flash loan is done?

    What I mean is, with this whole NFT as subscription for a show that stoner cats is starting, could I rent my NFT? I write a contract in which I lend the NFT (subscription) for x amount of ETH and for x amount of time, and the contracts takes care of automatically sending the NFT back to the original address once the time of the “rent” is done.

    Can a time be pre programmed for an operation?

  2. If an artist releases a bunch of NFT’s (say 100). and the first 100 to mint the nft, gets it.

    Is it possible for miners to mint their nfts by pointing towards their node (with base fees, after 1559) and stay ahead of everyone who doesn’t have a node?

  3. Anybody here taken the leap and hired a tax accountant? Looks like I’ll need to pay estimated taxes for this quarter for the first time ever since I finally traded (most of) my last BTC for ETH. For some reason I feel nervous about finally getting someone else to look at my records.


    Also, if anyone has a recommendation for a tax accountant, hit me with it because I’ll almost certainly need to find one online instead of local.

  4. Wish I could get a stoner cat, but will be at the clinic with our daughter for a final (fingers crossed) blood transfusion.

    Anyone willing to try to get me a Catsington? I would most definitely pay for the help.

  5. Nooo, mobile metamask corrupted on me again need to reinstall and add my account again from my PC. Was planning to try and get some Stoner Cats whilst I was on a drive tonight. That’s gone now, good luck everyone trying to get one!

  6. Has anyone used Sushi Miso to buy tokens at launch before?

    Interested in getting some yield guild tokens from Miso, not sure if it’s a simple swap like on balancer pools or if it needs more registration/work than that

  7. I’m a mediocre but profitable trader who uses leverage all the time and I’ve never been remotely close to being liquidated. Because I’m not stupid and I know about position size, risk management, and stop losses.

    Blind demonization of margin trading is dumb. Its a completely legitimate tool for trading for people who use it properly. Just because degens choose not to use it properly doesn’t mean its bad.

  8. bashing against LTF resistance right now for the 3rd time. if i was a degen lev trader (which i am) i would be long here seeking 2380+ imminently

    convincing dump below 2335 would have me looking for an exit

    *edit: boom.*

  9. The lesson from this weekend isn’t that bears are dumb, it’s that getting exuberantly bearish/bullish at the edges of the trading range is dangerous. Bulls might get taught the same painful lessons bears just learned.

  10. Each generation has a defining investment class that builds substantial wealth for early adopters of the generation.

    Baby boomers had real estate.

    Generation X had internet tech companies.

    I think that the investment class that will define the Millennial generation will be cryptocurrency/blockchain.

  11. One of my best friends is looking to scale down life a bit and recently sold his house at a nice profit. He set aside $100K to invest and asked that I manage it for him. He is now the proud owner of 58 ETH. 🥂

  12. Anyone know why FTX and Binance both simultaneously announced today that they are reducing max leverage to 20x on their platforms?

    Regulatory pressure? But if so, then why keep leverage at all? What’s with the magic number of 20x? I seem to remember Coinbase briefly had margin trading a year or two ago and then eliminated it completely for regulatory reasons..

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