Daily General Discussion – July 16, 2021

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  1. So right now there is a sizable amount of ETH locked up and accumulating rewards that is also being locked. This is a somewhat strange situation in that people are, arguably, receiving taxable income that they don’t actually have access to. This isn’t a huge issue for me since I don’t have *that* much staked in relation to my income. I wouldn’t sell ETH to pay taxes even if it was unstaked.

    But if I was a whale with a sizable position (lets say 10,000), and I was making 5% and the price mooned (lets say $10,000), I could be in a position to owe $1 mil in taxes on income that I can’t actually access yet. It occurred to me that it might actually not be in a lot of whales’ best interests to have ETH go too high until staking is unlocked. If it stays at $2,000, they’d only owe $200,000 in taxes.

    Do you think this has any impact on the price? Do some of these parties have an incentive to keep the price low? Or is $1mil not even consequential to someone with 10,000 ETH?


  2. So with PoS we have epochs instead of blocks. Epochs are about every 6 min it seems and a block now happens every 13 sec on average. How will this affect finality and TX confirmation times in “ETH2”? Will an epoch be reduced to 10-12 sec or what?

  3. ETH volume is still higher than BTC volume even on the way down. I’m sure a BTC believer could somehow spin this to be positive for BTC but if I were one I’d be very afraid

  4. Worried about the price of Ether? Here’s a bit of perspective: Do you think it’s likely that Ether will go back to $4000 in the next five years? If it does, and you bought now, you’d effectively get a 20% return on your investment every year for the next five years. Now sure, those aren’t astronomical defi returns, but tell me where in tradfi you can get any real hope of those returns. (No, but really, don’t tell me- i don’t care.)

  5. If this is like 2018, we’ll bottom in August, then rally up to 60% of the ATH in the early fall (about 2700 and prob faking out a lot of people). Then run on fumes until the bull resumes in late 2023.

  6. I had trouble finding out how to claim the FOX airdrop, using my 15 word seed phrase from a Coinomi wallet I hadn’ t used in ages.

    I ended up entering my seed into []( (offline, be extra careful if your wallet has significant funds in it of course!), selected Ethereum/ETH and BIP32, and client “Coinomi/Ledger”. Then the eligible address showed at the top of the list, together with the private key. Finally imported the private key into Metamask to claim the FOX.

    EDIT: just realized I probably simply could have payed the transaction fee from another wallet to claim the tokens, lol.

    EDIT#2: Yeah, just claimed another one by copying the eligible address @, and connecting another wallet to pay the fee for the claim.

  7. Going back to Elon tweet where he mentioned Tesla selling BTC and is looking for “ greener “ cryptocurrencies, how likely do u guys think that Q2 reports will show some serious accumulation of ETH? Especially with recent price action I am definitely looking to accumulate before Q2 reports from large companies will be released.

    Also been following this sub for almost a year now, finally making my first comment. Thank you all! This sub is definitely helping technoob like me to get some knowledge

  8. Not based on anything other than my opinion, but Eth is currently at £1350, the 2018 high was around £1000.

    IF we dipped near to £1000 I think it would be a very temporary wick down and people like myself would buy the hell out of it. For this reason I don’t see potential for significant downside from here.

    Could be totally wrong though.

    My DCA is probably around £150 so I’m still up nearly 10x here

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