Daily Discussion Thread for July 08, 2021

Your daily trading discussion thread. Please keep the shitposting to a minimum.

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  1. So I should take out a 100k loan from SOFI and yolo it all into SOFI shares and start wheeling it. Taking assignments for profits to make payments. What does everyone think?

  2. gogogo SPY to the moon.. Don’t listen to those reports about the bad economy, inflation, foreclosures in August and covid. Everything is fine. All companies that have PE values under 1000 are undervalued and need a higher price target!

  3. Thinking of holding both naked SPCE calls and puts over the weekend. If flight goes well or not, one of the call/puts will print and the opposite will just hedge. Maybe some reverse iron condors. What option spreads you guys thinking of ?

    Besides that I’m gonna grab a few UVXY calls and stay mostly cash.

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