Daily Discussion Thread for July 06, 2021

Your daily trading discussion thread. Please keep the shitposting to a minimum.

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  1. Had to get some RKT calls, weekly $20 strike. Cheap. Volume on the short term upside options getting wild. Lots of 50-100% gainers today out there (relatively speaking). So, could cause some other shit to pop

  2. Could be the weed, but I’m thinking the 2020’s are going to be to AI what the 1990’s were to the internet. As a consumer, the internet slowly gained traction until it burst as a household essential at the end of the decade.

    We only now as consumers are beginning to understand what AI even is. Like the internet, it could become absolutely engrained in our lives before the end of the decade at the rate it’s growing and being implemented.

    For the financial aspect, maybe companies like NVDA and AMD are the new Amazon and eBay. Maybe as AI begins to enter our lives, more and more companies and startups start to compete for their share of the new marketspace. And at the end of the decade, the bubble bursts, and only a few are left. Are NVDA and AMD those companies? Do those companies even exist yet? Or am I just really stoned?

  3. It’s official, today I leave this sub and close my Schwab account. I lost a little over 8K which was everything I had saved up from the military. Godspeed brethren, I hope it rains gains for all of you.

  4. Anyone have any hot tips about a mid cap stock that is probably going bankrupt I can spam endlessly and complain about market manipulation on as it crashes to the ground?!?

  5. I think I’m actually going to do a different strategy:

    – Bought 100 shares of AMD

    – Sold a weekly call $1 OTM

    – continue until I get assigned then I’ll sell a put $1 OTM until I get assigned

    – keep using premium to buy shares outright

Daily General Discussion – July 16, 2021

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