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  1. Has anyone else read the Glassdoor reviews for Ripple?

    I’m surprised I never looked at these prior to buying xrp. Review are either great or terrible which indicates possible coerced reviews and disgruntled employees.

    I also wonder whether the good reviews are from young employees in the workforce and may not have the same understanding of interworking of a company.

    The bad reviews talk about scattered product roadmap, horrible HR, poor management, lack of sales/revenue, etc.

  2. So, I hold XRP and XLM and was just looking back over their peak prices back in April and both of them are currently sitting at almost a third of their value from that time. Looking to a lot of other coins that were in the Top 20 at that time, these two seem to have dropped significantly more than a lot of the others and I was wondering if this could have something to do with their use case? Being used as liquidity, am I thinking correctly that at any given time when the market cap was roughly double what it is now that people were buying XRP and XLM to move their funds around due to speed/cost, and now with half that market cap there is less being moved and therefore at any given moment there is less of those two coins being held?

    I’m not querying whether or not this is the ONLY reason they have dropped so sharply, but could this be a contributing factor? Before anyone roasts me (if this is a really stupid line of thought), I am pretty new to crypto so I’m just trying to feel my way through this mine field.

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