CZF (CashZeFish) v1.06 with new SLP “meta game”

Hey folks,

the new version 1.06 is now available for download. This version contains bug fixes and new “meta” game.

The “game in game” is called custom token game. The idea is simple – there is a type of custom fish, call it whatever you like, the first one is 007JB and it ha limited supply (how many tokens are there in total) and the reward, e.g. 0.07 BCH. The game lasts for 7 days and after that period, the player that collects over 50% of the tokens gets a prize (0.07 BCH in this case). The tokens are seeded (sent) to players who are online at seed time (just leave the game running).

There will be a chat message 5 minutes prior to seed start. To get a free token you have to own at least one fishing boat. To obtain more tokens you can use the market to place your bids. If you don’t want to play for reward then list the tokens and get the BCH from others that play for reward. Once you get the token(s) (from seed process) you’ll find them in your inventory under tier 8 section (or in wallet under send token option).

The first game will be launching today (2021-07-09) and has total supply of 77 tokens, lasts until 2021-07-16 with reward of 0.07 BCH for > 50% (at least 39 tokens) collected.

To obtain a 1.06 version (you need that one for the new game) head over to []( , download the game and extract in you game folder (no progress is lost).


Happy hunting!

P.S. You can launch you own custom token game if you want to promote a product / service or just to have fun. The custom token game request is under shop menu. The cost of launching the game is supply count * 546 sats (network fees for sending tokens) and award amount. The shop does not take any fee for this.

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