Customer support a disgrace for a publicly listed company- locked out for over 2 months in coinbase pro- are they stealing my $25k?

I switched phones 2 months ago while maintaining my old one the entire time. I subsequently got and email saying that that this phone change led them to a fraud detection and thereby were locking my acct. I took a selfie picture and sent my drivers liscense which was exactly what I used to open the acct – when I saw no action forthcoming I filed a complaint – they said 15 biz days then 20 and it’s been 30 now with no response – I feel so foolish for investing via a platform with no real time support – can’t believe a US company would operate in this matter – has anyone had this experience – I’m exasperated at their lack of professionalism – any advice appreciated

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  1. Been there / had this nightmare until I found out that the TEXT in the complaint is IMPORTANT. I filed another complaint with CB and within 3 days after writing the following text – they gave me back my access to MY funds, yes MY funds, not their funds! The text goes as follows when opening a(nother) formal complaint from the CB website:
    Quote: I
    If my account has no security or identification issues, then my account must be unrestricted at your earliest convenience. should I not get a response with a successfully unrestricted account within 72 hours, I will be forced to lodge a formal complaint with the SEC

    There is something in the algorithm of their computer system that sets off alarm bells when their computer scans this text in the complaint. My account was reopened after 3 days when I sent this message with near to exact same wording – only as I am based in the EU I replaced SEC with the European version: FCA/FSA

  2. I’m coming up on my 2 MONTHS locked out too. Even opened a complaint. Nothing has worked. Not too sure what to do next. Is anyone getting to a human?

    Complaint #06476221Case #06184631

  3. I 100% agree! Not only are they public but they also charge fees to trade on their platform and don’t even have a customer support team to talk to anyone when things go wrong! My account was hacked on this Monday, July 5th. Already sent over the complaint via their email system. So sorry to hear about your loss, I feel fortunate I didn’t lose more. I had about $1,200 invested when my account was hacked and it’s horrible to find out people are waiting months for a response when Coinbase’s system says to allow several business days to hear back. I’m going to let this play out and see what happens for now, but I’m disgusted with Coinbase 😔

  4. Well, I find great fault with customer disservice with many publicly traded companies. If customer service experience with CB is unsatisfactory that’s really just par for the course.

  5. I had the same issue. I switched to another app that has responded to me on their live chat in app within 12 minutes any time I’ve had a question. They apologize for the “slow response time” if it takes more than 2 mins. Coinbase, take some fucking notes because you’re atrocious.

  6. You are not exaggerating. I going through similar pain . My account has been hacked. My wallet has been wiped out , filed a complaint and I haven’t heard from any one yet . It’s a disgrace for publicly traded company for real .

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  8. It’s a very poor way to do business but this is the common theme among the top exchanges. A quick Google search and the horror stories will make you cringe knowing these people who won’t bother giving you the time of day control your money, even though it’s not theirs. All they have to do is ignore you and they can do whatever they like. They know if you can’t access your funds it causes problems for people who are not generationally wealthy. Do they care? Absolutely not, unless you’re wealthy.

    IMO, like other financial corporations, the tickets with the largest account value will get the priority service, small accounts will get serviced later, or sometimes not at all.

    What I don’t understand is why they haven’t hired someone who specializes in customer support. Have them come onboard and clean this up for them; it’s a solvable problem and can be done quickly with the right leader. If they have made some moves towards improving they haven’t proMoted it or simply haven’t done so.

    Turning a blind eye to the community is not helping anything either. Like many other things in this life, the first step is listening to valid issues and admitting there’s some significant issues that need to be corrected, making a plan, and implementing it.

    My opinions above come from my personal experiences as an IT professional of 25 years. I have worked in the financial/banking sector for 10 years.

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