Current hash way lower than reported hash… help a noob pls

RESOLVED – Don’t assume it’s just another noob saying their current rate is different from the reported rate. My OC voltage settings adjusted +25 (925 to 950) and I’m back to 1:1… this was an overclocking issue and now it’s fixed. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 it runs for 24 hours without crashing and burning.


Hey all – reporting 376 on a 12x 580 rig, but ethermine showing average rates of <300 (286 rn) after many days of up time .

Pinged and seeing 20ms response times, I don’t think seeing packet loss, doesn’t *feel* like internet connectivity…

Where do I go from here with troubleshooting?

UPDATE – commented out my Overclock settings in my remote config and my average/current vs. reported ratio is immediately coming much closer in line. Need to investigate why settings were causing this behavior. Settings were as follows for 12x 580 with modified bios

#Overclock Settings
#globalcore 1250
#globalmem 2150
#globalpowertune 140
#globaldpm 6
#globalvolt 925
#safevolt enabled

What do you think?

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  1. Never look at current hashrate as it always will differ. Wait for 24 hours and then look at the average hashrate, which will be lower than reported since the miner takes a cut and so does the pool.

  2. • ⁠Reported – This is your hashrate reported by your miner to the pool. Theoric maximum the GPU can do.
    • ⁠Current – Your effective current hashrate. It is calculated according to your submitted shares using a 60 minute window. It will take up to 2 hours until the displayed hashrate is accurate. Deviations from your local hashrate are normal.

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