Curio NFT Project Raises $ 1.2 Million Seed Investment

Curio’s NFT token platform raised $ 1.2 million in seed funding in a round led by Future Perfect Ventures.

Brand and content NFT platform Curio raises $ 1.2 million in seed round

– Curio (@CurioNFT) March 6, 2021

The round was also attended by A195 Capital, LongHash Ventures, MoonWhale Ventures and the former head of Time Inc. Rich Battista.

Curio enables brand owners and content creators to create fungible assets.

NFT as a New Virtual Asset Class: A First Look (Part One)

The raised funds will be used by the project for further development of technology and new partnerships. The developers also plan to integrate the platform with the Filecoin and Polygon (formerly Matic Network) protocols.

Earlier today, ForkLog reported that Twitter creator Jack Dorsey has posted his first NFT tweet for sale. Tron founder Justin Sun offered $ 500,000 for it.

The Associated Press recently auctioned a non-fungible token dedicated to the 2020 US presidential election on the blockchain.

In early February, actress Lindsay Lohan sold the non-fungible Lightning token for $ 70,000. The popular Nyan Cat meme gif went under the hammer for 300 ETH. In early March, Canadian singer Grimes sold the NFT collection for $ 6 million.

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