CryptoKitties are back

Someone just bought a cryptocurrency cat for $172,000 - CNET

The blockchain game of “breeding” and selling indivisible, unique NFT tokens tied to a specific image of kittens has become the loudest story of 2017. CryptoKitties diverted 20% of the computing on the Ethereum network, doubled the block fee, forcing developers to increase gas limits.

The active exchange and sale of kittens led to the emergence of a market with a turnover of $ 22.87 million, this record lasted until 2021 and was beaten by other popular NFT tokens
. Unfortunately, the game ceased to interest users in the middle of the crypto winter of 2018, until the first weeks of February this year. In the wake of a renewed interest in NFT tokens and a growing, general awareness of the existence of cryptocurrencies, the male half decided that CryptoKitties was the best gift for March 8th.
A week before the holiday, the purchase of crypto kittens became a trend with a turnover of $ 1.8 million. Of course, these figures are far from the record turnover of 2017, but analysts at The Block paid attention to user statistics. The histogram of the graph shows that over the past three weeks, the number of accounts in the CryptoKitties smart contract has quadrupled.

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