CryoFuel Has Launched! Real Use Case, Inheritance dApp, Staking! less than 500 holders!

CryoWeb introduces CRYOFUEL (CRYO)

A Real & Live right now use case on the Binance Smart Chain!!

Recent article written by Altcoin Investing Network:

CryoFuel powers the ecosystem of CryoWeb. We currently have a full featured website ( where people can curate their passed loved ones profiles.

Our NFT In Memoriam minting is also LIVE. Users commission our NFT artists to design a truly memorable NFT (pics, videos, music) in honor of their loved one to be shared on the site and with friends and families to their wallets.

We are also about to launch beta testing for our Inheritance dApp (CryoSafe). You can specify a wallet address to receive an inheritance should you not check-in at the user specified time interval (3 months, 6 months etc). You can also add to the inheritance any time. Lastly, the inheritance wallets gain instant reflection of 5% of every token transaction just as any other wallet. So the inheritance is always growing in Cryo.

✅ Tokenomics 5% to holders/5% to liquidity

✅ Team of 6 fully doxxed

✅ First of its kind Inheritance dApp almost in beta testing!

✅ Pairings of BSC, ETH, BUSD, USDT on pancakeswap and uniswap in 30 days!!!

✅ Staking & Predictions in development!

✅ 5 ways to buy! DEXs, XLM to CRYO hotswap, Credit card thru Stripe, eBay, CashApp

✅ 24/7 support from our team across all social channels

✅ Active Github like a real use case token should have!!!😉

Website is fresh off presale..we are redesigning as you read!

Please ask any questions you may have, we do AMAs but we like to say we are ALWAYS available for ANY public questions!


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