Creative people! That way! I want to tell you about a cool project that will help you buy your NFT! This is the Deedy project!

Probably few people have heard of DEEDY, but this is a gem for NFT!

There is a lot of information on Reddit about this project. I am a creative person, I really want to become famous. I do music all the time. Recently I was attracted to cryptocurrency as a way to make money, and recently I thought I wanted my own unique coin. So … I won’t say much, I want to get down to business.

Deedy is an NFT platform running on the Binance Smart Chain where users can trade, rent out, view, buy, sell, enter NFT lotteries, support and connect with creators.

Deedy Digital offers a solution for enabling a unified and secure blockchain ecosystem for digital content creation and exchange.

The concept behind what they propose is simple:

– Purchase NFTs via the Deedy Market Place.

– Maintain, support and connect with creators.

– Host auctions for NFTs.

– Enter NFT lotteries.

– Take out loans using NFTs as collateral.

– Join virtual art galleries.

– Create and order NFTs.

– Purchase high-value NFTs created by celebrities and verified artists via the Deedy Launchpad.

– Rent out NFTs.

For Musicians

Deedy lets musicians expand their revenue stream and connect with fans. Our blockchain security ensures ownership rights of non- fungible tokens and keeps unique content digital, scarce and available only to those who purchase it. Musicians can market and sell unique releases, live sets, demos, and artwork from their albums and live performances.

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