Creating your own bsc token, copying and verification

Dear smooth brains and cryptographer philosophers.

I’m seeking knowledge, tips, stories of glory and bezerk keyboard biting frustration of creating your own token (whether btc, erc 20 or bsc etc)

The last few months of discovering the beautiful city of bitcoin, down the dazzling subarea of Ethereum and the sewers of shitcoins.

The further you go, the dirtier it gets until you are beating your leg with an imaginary riding crop, as if you are watching a horse in a betting shop and “HODL” ing on for dear life.

After experiencing dip after dip and learning about staking, followed by the vibrant new eco system of the decentralised Internet and its budding services. I finally found myself in a group of individuals attempting to create a bsc token.

It’s now something that I would like to learn to produce a token of use and a plan to help the earth that has given us the resources to be able to reach this level or technological magnificence.

I just lack the ability to code, the creativity, vision and ability to deliver on imagination is in abundance.

Just need a push in the right direction.

I was fired from test and trace after ten months of service, two days before my birthday, now its time to help the world in another way and I thank you dearly for any help or experience shared in advance.

Stay safe 🖤

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