Create custom functionality when withdrawing winning bid from OpenSea

In my project, I have an auction. When an auction ends money stored on the contract address is split: -> 30% goes to the owner, 70% is split among all NFT holders ( contract has “claim” function to withdraw this money). I implemented this logic in the contract. But this way I need to hold the auction on my website. It’s okay, but would be much cooler to have it somewhere more popular, ie OpenSea


So, the problem with Opensea is that the owner will get 100% (-fees) of the bid when the auction ends. If only I could list items from my contract address, I would implement such logic – if `msg.sender == “opensea”` then do the split of the money.



1) Guess it’s only possible to list items from a “personal” address (not a contract)

2) `msg.sender == “opensea”` this string also terrifying me, as Opensea may change it and the split won’t occur.


Any way I can archive it?

What do you think?

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