Crazy Doge – Built to Reward Holders & Buy Back to Burn Crazy Doge🔥| Presale at 11pm UTC❗️| Rewards to Holders💰| Buyback Function👈| Liquidity Locked🔒|

Introducing the newest member of the extended doge family – Crazy Doge🔥

🐶Crazy Doge is a decentralized platform built for holders that are crazy in love with Doge! You might have missed the train with the other Doge theme coins/tokens. Now is your chance to join a new Doge theme token that even has a utility!

A one of its kind completely decentralized exchange featuring smart contract driven centralized exchange features. The Crazy Doge Exchange will be the first decentralized exchange that will offer Leverage Trading which is wild🐶

📣The presale will be lived at 11PM UTC!

📌Buyback Function

The Buyback system is designed to buy up the major dumps. Everytime 2 sells are performed the contract will automatically re-buy an ammount to control the sells, that way we will try to control the sells and limit the negative effects of Whale activity.

📌Rewards to Holders

Crazy Doge is built for the holders to win. So, 2% will be paid to Crazy Doge token holders for every transaction (buy/sell)

📌Crazy Doge Foundation

The Crazy Doge Foundation will be a community owned foundation to support animal sanctuaries around the world!

The Crazy Foundation wallets will be shared and will be audited on continuous bases to ensure the community has the full power over these wallets.

📌Crazy Doge Swap

Crazy Doge Swap will be a decentralized exchange where you can swap tokens/coins just like any other swap.


Every transaction within Crazy Doge token taxed by 11%. The tax is split in three parts, where 6% goes to Buyback, 3% goes to charity and 2% redistribute to Crazy Doge token holders.

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