Corsair ($CRSR) Due Diligence – Read below – Updated, upcoming catalyst

* **What is Corsair (Ticker $CRSR)?**

Corsair Gaming, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, designs, markets, and distributes gaming and streaming peripherals, components and systems in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. The company offers gamer and creator peripherals, including gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, and controllers, as well as capture cards, stream decks, USB microphones, studio accessories, and EpocCam software. It also provides gaming components and systems comprising power supply units, cooling solutions, computer cases, and DRAM modules, as well as prebuilt and custom-built gaming PCs, and others; and PC gaming software comprising iCUE for gamers and Elgato’s streaming suite for content creators. In addition, the company offers coaching and training, and other services. It sells its products through a network of distributors and retailers, including online retailers, as well as directly to consumers through its websites. Corsair Gaming, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 and is headquartered in Fremont, California. Corsair Gaming, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Corsair Group (Cayman), LP.

The company IPO’d in Sep of 2020 so still new to the market and slightly undiscovered. Once discovered and potential realized, this should be trading over $100 long term. See below for more info.


* **Upcoming Catalyst:**

**Elgato, one of Corsair’s product lines:** Elgato has a big product/news release on July 15th and they have it on their main website page displayed as follows:

[Elgato News/product release July 15th](

* **Income Statement:**

Revenue (ttm)**1.92B**

Revenue Per Share (ttm) **21.80**

Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy) **71.60%**

Gross Profit **(ttm) 466.93M**

EBITDA **259.58M**

Net Income Avi to Common (ttm)**148.72M**

QuarterlyEarnings Growth (yoy) **3,739.20%**

**Shares Statistics:**


[Insider ownership, number of shares (OS) and float](


* **Latest Quarter (Q1 2021) results and reseller list:**

Price to earning is now trading 1.5 times, if we compare that to peers or SPY, they trade about 3-4 time PE ratio. Corsair is extremely undervalued growth gem and once discovered, should be at a fair value of about $70/per share now (being conservative).


[Q1 ER results and reseller list](

* **Chart since IPO days from Sep 2020**


Chart is trading near bottom and is looking to reverse upward, recent jump to $43 two weeks ago, now trading around $32/share.

* **Technicals:**

If we look at what $NEGG did today, chart moved from $28 where it was trading flat for awhile then BOOM, moved to about $80. That’s all in one day, NEGG has “less than ideal” of a balance sheet/financials comparing to $CRSR but the chart pattern was primed. CRSR has a similar setup on chart, could move even higher given that it has less shares and excellent fundamentals to support a large move and higher price per share.

[$NEGG chart, 1 day move from $28 to $80](


* **Lastly**, a great stock analysis of Consair valuation ($CRSR, Not Mine), found it on YouTube that pretty much is in line with my research. [****](


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  1. Great stock nowhere to go but up but let’s calm down with the short squeeze stuff let it flow like a mountain stream don’t pump it and tarnish it the WSB pump leaves an everlasting stain on everything it touches. Gamestop could cure cancer (fingers crossed) and the stock goes up and it would just be attributed to us whacky retail investors pumping meme stocks

  2. God Damnt I bought so many Corsair calls today after being burned by them once seeing this now can only be bad luck. Been playing the 30.50-34 dip for awhile and decided now would be a good time to put a lot in and play a run up before earnings maybe get lucky and hit 36. I wouldn’t hold options for to long past $34. Holding shares until it hits $50 again tho lol

    275 shares 7/16 $32.50, 8/20 $32.50, 8/20 $30 and some 12/17 $30

  3. Eagletree provides a GREAT opportunity to let retail scale into a stock tutes can’t yet touch. If you want to get retail ownership of a stock higher relative to institutional (like amc) then this stock is the one. Retail has had months to scale into this thing while tutes are reluctant. I see that as a good thing.

  4. I’m going to diamond hands my shares until the end of time but I held my 40 calls last month thinking it was going to burst through the line then eagle tree came a knocking.

  5. This is the exact same DD you posted 6 days ago and then deleted. How are those “all-in” calls that you “had”?

    Super great company, so good in fact that they’re down another 5% since you posted how undervalued they are.

    They’ve never been above 38 yet you keep saying they’re a hundred dollar company.


    They’re trash. Move on to anything else.

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