Converting from a desktop SLI “rig” to riser

I got a desktop with 2 MSI AERO 1080 TIs. They originally came in SLI, I removed the bridge and just had them mining with them both connected directly to the motherboard. The airflow isn’t great though and the cards are getting hotter than they should, so I’d like to take one card off the motherboard and run it with a riser.

I ordered these Ubit risers [](

I’m not sure how to safely power the GPU and riser though. The GPUs were originally powered by a 6 pin plus an 8 pin PCI-E power connectors. The riser just has a 6 pin PCI power connected, plus the SATA and MOLEX adapters, which I understand are to be used never and sparingly, respectively.

I’m planning on leaving one of the GPUs completely alone, connected to the motherboard. For the second, is it safe if I:

1) disconnect it from the motherboard but leave it connected directly to the power supply with its 6+8 pin cables

2) connect it to the riser, and power the riser through the MOLEX connected to the power supply?

Would the GPU “know” to draw its power directly from the power supply, or would it try to get everything through the MOLEX powering the riser and be unsafe?

Motherboard is a Z370 SLI Plus. Power supply is 850 watts, I’m not sure the brand. A few images showing the GPU, its power ports, the riser, and the spare 6 pin/MOLEX cable I had to potentially power the riser: [](

Thanks very much for the help

What do you think?

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  1. Yes you can use molex but you should have at least 6 pin perif that you can run to the riser. That would be safer. If you have a spare 8 pin PCIe that would be ideal. I don’t think a 1080 is gonna have that much draw so the molex should be fine, it’s just frowned upon.

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