Coinbase support, where are you? Horrible customer support will be the downfall. All stocks sold, and can’t wait to get all crypto positions transferred out.

4-5 business days? It’s been 10 business days. Get on it already. All you’re doing is pushing me to shill for other exchanges. Millions in transactions on your exchange that you all have benefitted from through fees. Meanwhile you can’t even update a ticket with simple communication? I’m locked out with a broke. 2FA device. Fix it already, you guys are slow. I’ve sold all of my positions in your stock shares at this point. I have no faith in a company who has horrible customer support. Paging /u/coinbasesupport for some canned response with no substance.

If you’re not a Coinbase user, do yourself a favor and don’t become one. If you are, and have access to your account, transfer out of this mess.

What do you think?

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