Every-time I contact them they say , “wait 4-5 business days because I’ve written to them about the same thing so they’ll need to consolidate the threads and do not write to them again as it will cause further delays”.

Bullshit!! I will continue to write about the same subject as no – one is fixing the problem- I am locked out of my account and need my money!! 6 months so far!

HUGE PROBLEM WITH COIN-BASE !!! NO Human Help!! robocrap solutions , none of which work-period.

I had what one would think a simple problem to fix, my security (YUBICO) key got wiped when trying to set up crappy Windows hello on my PC. Since I still have my associated phone with the functioning 2FA google dynamic. That was JANUARY 28, I have created at 25+ tickets, emailed at least 50 times trying to get them to help me access my account so that the 2FA can be switched and allow access to my money ($50000+ at the time now it is $20000) lighter and I have still not been helped in accessing my account. I had to open another (Temporary) account with a different e-mail to access their ID verification procedures, separately since they can’t process KYC on my locked account ,so I did. – passed, got approved and nothing for 2 months. later I get a email that they can’t re-establish my account (transfer from and close the Temp account since there is a small balance- (the cheap 5 bucks of bitcoin for opening an account with them) so I send away the small balance and also give them permission to liquidate any remaining funds, again that was very beginning of JUNE. Mind you I have been on this since it happened JANUARY 28. I thought oh, well the key has got wiped-/ dis-associated No problem- IO will just prove my id and switch back to my old app/associated phone 2FA or re-establish the key again with new key association. NO , NOT Happening. they are too busy on their yachts to help they’re own customers.

Be Warned Folks: STAY AWAY potential and current clients- take your money while you can !!!

Unless you would prefer have no control of your money for possibly forever and join the likes of many others in my opinion, victims of abuse while they continue to commit felony grand theft. This has caused me tons of grief , as that money is all I have to hopefully be successful with investing.

So, I don’t want to but will be if ignored today

The next step will be going to the PRESS with this Coinbase! DO YOU HEAR ME!!!!!!!

First ABC7 then onto litigation by pursuing a CLASS ACTION Suit. You might pay attention, this is not

threats of any sort, It’s my agenda and nomenclature of future affairs IF ANOTHER DAY passes

without this being addressed and permanently fixed so that I get my money back and can never do business of any sort with Coinbase which has logged the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had in my Life.

Q’s for any comments?

Has anyone else halving this same or hostaged account/funds issue?

Any lawyers,. or Law firms interested in compiling a list? to represent?

What do you think?

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  2. That sucks man someone hacked my account may 1st when I had 20k+ … I had to write multiple emails and tickets but it finally got resolved about a week and a half ago…. They only gave me 13k but better then nothing , now I will never use coinbase again … good luck bc I kno how frustrating it is

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