Coinbase keeps closing my cases without resolving the problem

I’m now on my 5th case with Coinbase – same issue, no resolution.

Coinbase just keep closing my cases saying “Problem has been resolved”.

But my account is still “Under Review” and I cannot use it.

It’s been over 6 months.

I guess I can keep opening cases, but for how long will this sad, pathetic circus show continue?


Coinbase finally reopened my account and I got access to my money.

But their lack of communication creates mistrust. It doesn’t make people want to buy crypto. They make PayPal look like good customer service. I mean *PayPal* – I didn’t think that was possible.

Anyway, cheers everyone for your input.

What do you think?

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  1. Holy sh*t this keeps happening to me and it’s absolutely infuriating. Their website is so badly designed I can’t even list the correct issue I have and my account has been “under review” for about 5 months with my cases being closed despite raising numerous and explaining the situation.

    Is there a way to report to trading standards? I am fed up.

    This is seeming deliberate, sneaky, and cynical. I want this resolved or I will be taking it further

  2. Coinbase is the absolute WORST. I have been dealing with this same exact issue since December 2020. My account was temp disabled for whatever reason, and still is to this day. Every support case I have ever opened has been closed and marked resolved. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

  3. I’ve gotten this bullshit reply a bunch of times…

    We received your inquiry, and because you’ve previously written in about this same issue, we’re consolidating your cases into this email thread. We’ve passed all new information on to an account specialist who is reviewing your case— they’ll reach out to you here (review generally takes 4-5 business days).

    All future questions about this issue should be directed to this email thread so that our account specialist can better support you.

    Coinbase Support

  4. This is standard practice, I’ve had to reopen tickets to be told were still investigating. Trust me, that’s code for your ticket is in the bin. Move to a different provider

  5. I think the only way is going to be a class action lawsuit. I, and hundreds of others are in the same boat. Repeated closure of tickets, failing to address legitimate queries. I have small amount of money but after months of trying am having to accept i won’t see it again- that is not the mark of a company you want to be doing business with. I have opened other accounts elsewhere and it is night and day how much better the customer service is.

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