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So since May, coincidentally when the crypto prices crashed, my account has been locked. Can’t sell, can’t withdraw, and I’ve had only one email from Coinbase claiming ‘we’ll have a specialist get with you soon”. But other than that, nothing but crickets as Coinbase gets away with basically stealing my investment.

I will say, what started this is that I sent a deposit to buy BTC from a bank account that that didn’t have the right amount of funds, so the deposit was returned. My bad, I accidentally sent from the wrong account. My bank charged me $35 but they didnt lock my account like Coinbase did. Coinbase told me in an ‘urgent message, that if I didn’t correct the deposit within 5 days, they would sell my bitcoin and keep my money.

So I transferred my deposit from the correct account and got Coinbase their money. Mistake was corrected… But that was in May. 2 months ago. And my withdraws and my buy/sells have been disabled since then. With virtually no correspso dance other than a bot email. What should I do here? Join a class action? Complain on Reddit so they’ll fix the issue?

I want my funds restored, and at the prices they were at when they locked my account.

Coinbase is dirty, corrupt, dishonest, and they don’t really care about you unless you give them money. Unfortunately when they get their money they don’t seem to care either.

What do you think?

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