Coinbase gifted me .7 ETH to make up for the trouble they caused me

No on purpose though! Let me explain. I have been a customer of Coinbase since 2016. Lately their system has been freaking awful, including delays in payments, unauthorized transactions, and a lot more.

Eventually we reached a point where Coinbase was going to initiate a forced sell of my crypto. They also locked my account so I couldn’t transfer and refused to reply to emails (until the sell was completed of course!)

But a funny thing happened. Coinbase did a forced sell of the same dollar amount, not the crypto amount. That’s important.

Because by the time they did the sale, ETH was up quite a bit. So instead of simply recovering the crypto, they sold it. At the higher price. The table below tells you all you need to know.



Yes, there it is. Coinbase, because they are idiots, ended up giving me free ETH. It’s like returning an item, but instead of getting refunded the price paid, they refund the current, higher price.

0.7 ETH is a nice little gift. And given all the bullshit Coinbase has put my through these past few months, I consider this just compensation!


What do you think?

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