Coinbase Earn – The Endless Limbo – Look at ALL this crypto you COULD be earning!

So, like most of the guys here, I have been stuck on the dreaded waitlist for about half a year (I know, I’m still a novice compared to some guys who’ve been in limbo for years). I uploaded photo ID, blood and stool samples, letters of recommendation from my proctologist, my 3rd grade teacher and my neighbor downstairs and I am still pending.

I finally get fed up and create a ticket with support when I distinctly tell them I have already uploaded all required info and updated my profile several times. Not 5 minutes pass and I get an automated response with basically a copy/paste from the FAQ page that tells me what documents I need to upload to become eligible.

Thanks, friendly Coinbase bot! Thanks for creating Case #06908016 and basically telling me to fudge off.

PS. I know the verification process is random because my account was created exactly one day after an office buddy of mine created his. He’s been earning steadily since creation while I’m stuck in the verification limbo. Your move, Coinbase!

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It’s a slow death at this point in time …. Devs need to change something fast … more publicity/advertising or another push to get some more holders .