CoinBase didn’t steal my money! Successful (literally) instant deposit confirmed

To anyone weary about CoinBase, no need to worry! I’ll be honest, I was pretty thrown off at first. Everyone told me CoinBase was one the most legit coin trading sites, so I invested about $1k almost 6 months ago in various coins. Almost immediately after doing so, I started seeing all these Reddit posts about people not being able to cash out. In fact, there were so many posts about this on numerous forums that I started to freak out about it. I didn’t want to pull out because I was so stoked about getting into crypto, and also didn’t want to deal with the fees of moving money around. Soooo, I’ve just been HODLing ever since, assuming there would be no foul play since CoinBase is so huge, and would get sued up the ass if they didn’t give people’s money back. But I definitely had a sketchy feeling in my stomach the whole time.

Well, for anyone new to the game and getting sketched out by all those user experiences. I can tell you for certain that I just traded $50 of $NU for USD coin, and did an instant cash out to my bank. Sure enough, in the time it took me to open my banking app, the money was there!

I feel like CoinBase deserves some credit, and definitely doesn’t deserve all the bad publicity. They are a GOOD coin trading site. I think most of bad experiences were simply user error. Like people not realizing there’s a hold period before they can get there money (what is it, 1 week?). Leave it to all these day trading crypto kids to drop their rent money in, try to double it, and pull it out 2 days later only to make a Reddit post about how CoinBase is getting them evicted because they didn’t read the fine print. Not CoinBase’s fault!

Anyways, I made this post because the internet is littered with those identical bad reviews, and I wanted to give some noobs some peace of mind. It sure would have helped me 6 months ago!

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve been using Coinbase since 2017 *without a single issue.*

    I’ve made literally hundreds of withdrawals of profit (in cash & crypto) to:

    1/. Personal Bank Account

    2/. Ledger Nano S

    3/. Other exchange wallets

    **Never leave more money than you can afford to lose, in the hands/control of** ***anyone*** **or** ***any company*** that is not fully insured in your country of trading. Following this simple rule will save a lot of heartache and stress if things turn sour!!

    # Anyway, I’m going against the grain and standing with you homie, Coinbase has been good for me for almost 4 years.

    Binance has caused issues for me twice, Kucoin once, Coinbase *never.*

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  3. Coinbase has been liquid for me. One issue with overdraw, but fixed within 24 hours. That said, their resolution for overdraw was suspension of trading even in existing coins, which meant i couldnt sell- imagine a tanking price crisis and not being able to sell

  4. Iv cashed out with Coinbase and it hits my bank in less than a day. Only issue I have is the withdrawal limits of 2k per day in my country. Took several days to withdraw.

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