Coin98 – Real utility token that will be listed on Binance Soon! Binance just announced a few moment ago that it will list Coin98! Get in now!

I have just found a new utility token that will be listed on Binance. The coin name is Coin98. Binance announced it just a few moments ago!


Coin98 enables value transfer as easily as using the Internet by the innovation of Multi-chain Engine,
Fully Automatic Liquidity and Space Gate, all in one Super Liquidity Aggregator.


The health of DeFi is mostly identical to the health of decentralized liquidity sources, Coin98 Exchange helps pushing the robustness fundamentally by providing users with liquidity
from various sources, including but not limited to Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, SerumDEX and MDEX. Therefore, Coin98 Exchange powers instant and secure swap for a seamless experience with best price and slippage!

This will be your last chance to invest before we launch on Binance the world largest crypto exchange!

Official website:

Official Blog:

Official Contract address: 0x671e53a1f5e7e02c4f085699cb98e264d208970a


PancakeSwap Link:

Available on PancakeSwap and Multiple DEXS as of now!

Make sure to get in early before they launch on Binance usually when a project launch on Binance the price goes up 30x – 50x.

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