Coin base fucked up.

I got two emails this morning. One to asking me to verify my email to make an account. The other saying that my email had been verified. At no point did I click either of the emails as I was asleep when I received them. I as of yesterday did not have a coin base account. And as of this morning I do. And it was created without access to my email. I have checked my gmail. No new devices and the only devices allowed to connect are my phone, pc, and PlayStation. So no one has access to my email so how was that account verified… I don’t know. All I know is I’m probably not the first to have this happen and I won’t be the last. I’ve already gone and changed the password of the account made for me signed on and deleted it. But this is a problem. Coin base has somehow fucked up and allowed people to get around the verification step requiring email.

What do you think?

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  1. Hey just letting you know I had the same thing happen to me this morning. Never had a coinbase account. Except when I tried to reset the password, they never sent me a password reset email…

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  3. it is possible a friend or family member is using you to get a referral bonus without your consent.

    as an example, my wife wanted an account and i knew there was a referral so i figured i’s send her the link and try it. she was overwhelmed by the whole crypto thing and asked me to just sign her up so we could get the referral and now i just manage her account for her.

    **the thing is, i was able to sign her up** – and the the referral bonus (the only one coinbase has ever bothered to pay me, BTW) **without her input AT ALL**. I just needed some basic info about her.

    so… is it possible someone was too shy, embarrassed to scammy to bother asking you and signed you up to get a quick $10 BTC?

  4. Sounds like someone is either trying valid e-mails to get fake referrals


    Someone is looking for e-mails with valid Coinbase accounts linked to them, to try and phish/hack their way into later.

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