Changing 3080 FE thermal pads

Counting myself to be lucky for getting a 3080 FE! Got it in my PC this weekend and started gaming and mining with it.

So I read a good deal about the high mem junction temps. Mine are hovering around 96-100 C while mining. I know Micron officially states 95C to be safe… and other people state 110C, so I figure this is “alright”. But it still stresses me out for long term longevity. Ordered some gelid 2mm for front plate pad replacement, should deliver today. But the replacement process stresses me out a bit, don’t want to ruin the card and all. Not sure about warranty, haven’t found any info on thermal pad replacement affecting warranty here in Canada specifically, will probably contact Nvidia directly.

So basically, just wanting some opinions on whether it’s worth to go through with the pad replacement. Risky to replace pads, or riskier to let it mine at 96-100C?

What do you think?

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