CEX and Safemoon

So, I want to fully understand this as I sort of think that those CEX are actually taking advantage of the tokenomics as it stands at the moment.

I did that quick sketch so I could explain myself a bit better.

Want I believe is that Bitmart or any other CEX is running a 10% fee inside their ecosystem, therefore as we all know there is no burn effect to the “safemoon burn wallet”.

But on the other hand, they actually take advantage as they replicate the process between their users by charging the 10% and being able to redistribute it as per Safemoon rules but in a completely different ecosystem as you can see in that picture and they eventually pretend to burn but that just stays in their CEX.

On top of that, they receive the reflections from the pancakeswap volume. I see that as a straightforward gain for the CEX as they only give their users reflections as per their own volume.

Well, I got this as RUMORS/SPECULATION as I’m not entirely sure if this is correct, but would love some discussion around the issue.

My other question is: If this is correct, why should Safemoon seek to be listed in CEXs?

What do you think?

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  1. You’re thinking small.

    The ultimate goal is the safemoon exchange and everything else, integration and a coin working everywhere with tokenomics in place.

    Listing in these exchanges is to test their developing technology to reach the unreachable.

    It’s spread and well for traders who want to make fast trades it might be useful. Not to worry.

    Something like that I think, of what little I remember of s post here or there. Or could be completely wrong. Just saying.

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  3. Some of this isn’t true, but you’re on the right track! I’ve broken this down in a few posts. The articles I’ll refer you to will provide clarity on how the centralized exchanges implement Tokenomics. Please read the following posts thoroughly for education on how this works:

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