Celebrity Supported Token | $ALV – ALiVe Token | 🔥 Presale Today 🔥 | Legit Contract Verified! Realistic x20 | Charity Token For Depression 😌

We’re in a pandemic, a lot of people have fallen into depression. I’ve witnessed first hand a friend of mine committed suicide because of how he lost his job and had debt pile up. It’s not something you’d wish on anyone. You can say what you want, but everyone has a reason why they end up depressed. Why am I telling you this? Because this is an important subject to talk about and that’s where this token shines compared to others.


**$ALV – ALiVe Token** is a BEP-20 Charity Token, that is **supported by Celebrities!**

Yes you heard it right. They are a non-profit team planning on to spread awareness on depression and donating to charities for mental illnesses. Why I believe it’s a gem that’s going to give you a realistic x20 in the short term *(Unlike other coins that promises you x100)* is **because they are completely LEGIT!**

Their website is legit, they even have **Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil** backing them, who has more than a million followers. They are going to **announce another 2 celebrities today** so you better get ready as this thing is going to blow up real fast! 🚀

They also verified their contract already and is on the way for an audit. You can check the contract here yourself. I repeat they are completely LEGIT! No rugpulls no honeypot! They are burning all the LP Tokens!

I’m not the kind of guy who is going to tell you what to buy, but this is something you don’t want to miss, just by reading this you’re way early. The tokenomics is fairly simple, you can get more details on their site or Telegram group. But here is a simplified version:

**🥇 100,000,000 $ALV Total Supply** *(Not like those quadrillion meme coins)*

📣 **5% Marketing Wallet** *(No Developers Wallet)*

✔️ **6% Transaction Fee**

* **2% Automated Liquidity 💰**
* **2% Automated ALV Redistribution 🤑**
* **2% Goes To Charity 💸**


You can check them out more at:





[Contract Verified](

**🔥*****Their presale is happening today – 10th July 2021, 4pm UTC, so don’t miss it***🔥

*And obviously this is not financial advice. But I’m sharing you what I believe is a hidden gem. You’re seeing this first here, on Reddit.*

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