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I shut my Coinbase account down on June 18th due to a suspect transaction and Coinbase has not done a thing to update me or resolve the issue whatsoever. The emails I send under the open ticket go unanswered. When I open a new ticket Coinbase tells me not to open any more tickets and to communicate through the original ticket then again fails to respond.

My account has been with a specialist for over a month now, well past the 4 to 5 business days they estimated.

Coinbase is a publicly traded company and I trusted what Coinbase represented, I proceeded to move and hold a majority of my money in my Coinbase accounts. Unfortunately Coinbase has denied me access to my accounts, property and money without any sort of explanation or updates for more than a month. The only process Coinbase has in place to address account issues literally doesn’t work.

Each passing day that I am not able to access to the funds I hold in my Coinbase account my future dims and the financial damages will soon become irreversible. Missing child support payments, mortgage payments, car, insurance etc. isn’t an option for me nor is asking for an indefinite amount of time to not make payments while Coinbase figures it out.

Coinbase I’m in the dark and I need your help here, I am out of time and out of money.

What do you think?

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One thing I’ve learned in my time trading

The idea of this project is very innovative and Team looks dynamic and professional