Can’t get more than 4 GPU to work…

Hi guys.

I have been working more than 16 hours since the last 2 days on this and I’m starting to get insane.

Motherboard: asrock b450 pro4
Cpu: Athlon 3000g
4g decoding is on csm is off integrated GPU is disabled. PCIe is set to gen1
Running hiveos

I can get 2 X1 and 1 X16 slot to work.
I can get 4 X1 slot to work.

But after that nothing. When I add a card in a X16 slot to rise to 5 cards, it takes longer to post, hiveos take more time to boot and finally it boot detect the card but with no temp or fan and I can’t do anything with it. 6 cards won’t post at all.

What am I missing? I have seen several people using the same setup and reach to them and they all says it working…

Edit: Last update: Bought a MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max motherboard, plugged 1 gpu was fine, 4 gpu was fine, 6 gpu fine. Done in 15 minutes.
Screw Asrock motherboard. Can’t believe the amount of time I wasted for nothing.

Thanks all!

What do you think?

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  1. Possible to just get another cheap mobo/cpu combo? Your time is valuable. 16 hours to me is like hundreds of dollars in lost time. I wouldnt be above just buying a whole second board.

    Although I’d try to other cables as other poster said first.

  2. If you can, swap/try different cables. I’ve seen that simple solution save hours of software throubleshooting and many risers are known for shitty cables and whatnot

  3. How much system memory do you have? I noticed in a hiveos rig with 5 cards that it was really unstable with a single 4gb stick. I swapped it out for an 8gb stick and it has been rock solid ever since.

    Or, could it be a power delivery issue? If you are bumping up against the limits of your PSU, then you will get all sorts of weird issues.

  4. I actually got HiveOS to show the 6 cards by I don’t know what sorcery. But only 4 worked (only the 4 in X1 slots)

    I removed the overcloak on the 1st one and rebooted and then 5 worked. I redid the overcloak on the 1st X16 card, it then started mining.


    I rebooted again hoping that the 6th one would work, now neitheir one of them work, and i’m out of display on the monitor but hiveos actually boot in the background…. THIS IS COMPLETE MADNESS!!!!

  5. I had same problem with my mobo msi 390 pro so i just went with asrock h110 btc its a bit more expensive but then i dont waste 20h trouble shooting with out luck,with these i never had a problem i can plug in 10gpu no problem
    for extra $120cad thats worth my whole day in time and stress

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